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December 21st, 2005

07:40 pm
Today I have been rebuilding computers.
laocoon: Duron 750 --> athlonXP 2000+
I like Linux. I swapped the processor, motherboard and memory on this
machine and had it working in about ten minutes.

brisies: upgraded power supply. (I think the new supply is dodgy though)

I shut down the computer. It won't restart. I power cycle the supply
and I can start the computer. The computer reboots just fine. It all
worked fine with the previous supply. After sticking in another hard
disk I was a little concerned about the old supply's output.Only 300W
within tolerance for the mother board bu only just only).
Current Music: no music. Chanel 4 wether

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07:30 pm - OU
Sent of eTMA today. one for the braindead computing course. This is about half way through the course. I have signed up for my first level two course. M255 is object oriented programing in Java. It will hopefully be a bit more interesting than the last course.
Current Music: no music. Chanel 4 news

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December 12th, 2005

06:57 pm - Updating in reverse order.
Cash Card.
I have a new cash card. I live again. I buy things, music and an army surplus gortex jacket.


Went to Amatis. Danced and had an interesting time.

Farmers market.
This is whare I found a Weapon of War.

Tutorial. The reason for all the braindead parts of the course is down to the Dearing Report and its findings. Almost every day you find a new reason to hate the government.

Submitted CMA.

Saw Weeble's woman and Weeble's woman's Weeble. They seem good together. Every one went home early, what is it with young people today, give 'em a pub and they just wander off.

Cash Card.
Phoned the bank about my lost or stolen cash card. It was canceled as soon as I found it was missing. I ordered a new one and checked the last transaction. Everything's fine and a new one will arrive. I'll spend a week divorced from twenty first century living.

Tal's funeral.
last Sunday I came back from Tal's funeral. I wasn't till I was on the platform in Chesterfield station that I realized that I would never see him again. It was about half two and the sun was starting to head down towards the horizon.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: The Leather Nun: Force of Habit.

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06:55 pm - A Weapon of War.

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December 2nd, 2005

05:42 am - Going to Darby
I'm heading off to Darby in a few minutes to go to Tal's funeral.

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December 1st, 2005

03:16 am - A Little Restoration.
My old tall boy, and another piece of furniture, has been retrieved from my Mum's house. The tall boy is a piece of utilitarian furniture from the late forties or early fifties and I'm fond of it. It has suffered quite badly over the years. The top was marked pot plants and the varnish on the boors destroyed; my sister hung damp towels on them. It had many other scratches and marks. Over the last couple of days I have sanded it down and revarnished it. I think it has come up fairly well. Now it sits in the living room, the TV on top of it, filled with board games.

The other piece of furniture is sixties sideboard. Its a bit on the ugly side, but we need storage space in the end room (for drink anyway other things can still sit in heaps on the floor).

Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
Current Music: On random play:Kraftwerk - Technopop (Demo Edit 1983)

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November 26th, 2005

08:53 pm - Grrrr &^$£&*%^!!! course.
The first interesting bit of my OU course. They sent us to look at a paper on the digital divide caused by differing skill levels within the computer users within a community. The first interesting thing (in this section ) and they tell us to have a cursory look over it. We shouldn't take more than ten minutes over this. It might be a bit hard. I've ploughed through hours of tedious dullness to get to this point and they say take ten minutes. ARRRR!

I have to do this course, it being part of the requirements for any degree that I want to do. I didn't really want to do it so left it till last. Its a new course, so incorporates all the new business led government requirements for new first year university courses: numerously; literacy; conferencing and group skills. This is stuff we should have all covered in the early years of high school.

Current Mood: angryRANTING
Current Music: Black Flag - My War

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08:21 pm - Updating
For those of you that asked my grandad got out of hospital and is now back home. He is currently waiting on out-patient physio.

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08:20 pm - Tal
On Wednesday I found out that my friend Tal died. I'll miss him, as will many others.

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November 20th, 2005

11:28 pm
Procrastination: for three days I should have been studying; Building a webpage instead. I always figured HTML was a bit like statistics, I'll learn it when I need it. Frames and css, about half way through HTML & XHTML: the complete reference. I'll figure out how to get rid of those dirty old tables. (just for reference I did know some basic HTML beforehand) Content: the mythical beast that evades me.

Last night I wandered around in the cold looking for sachachacha, party, failed miserably went home and got a lift up there instead, arrived late, had fun.

Soup of the day: bacon and butterbean.

Current Mood: fullfull
Current Music: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Paint Your Wagon

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